Wind energy and how it works

How does wind energy work?

Wind energy is the energy of the wind, whose propelling force can be converted into usable energy by means of a wind generator device (wind turbine).

Wind energy is used in 3 ways:

  • Storing mechanical energy: using the wind to propel a vehicle or drive a millstone in a mill
  • Conversion onto propelling force: pumping liquid, compressing fluids, etc.
  • Generating electrical energy


Wind turbines generate electricity by converting the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical then electrical energy.


Why develop it?

What are the development stages of a wind project?

And afterwards? Decommissioning

The operator of a wind farm is responsible for its decommissioning and for restoring the site. To that end it must provide €50,000 of financial guarantees per 2 MW wind turbine + €10,000 per additional MW. Since June 2020 the law requires the operator to excavate all the foundations of the wind turbines and re-use, recycle or repurpose the demolition and dismantling waste.

Sources: Government order of 22/06/2020, article L515-46 c. env., decree 2011-985 of 23/08/2011